Unmatched Engineering

Unmatched Engineering

ch offers our customers best engineering unmatched in the construction industries. We focus on detailed engineering in order to get the best of the MEP System. All check-up of fundamental calculation is followed by optimal design and criteria for MEP execution at every stage of project. Engineering process takes care of all required check points in the design, supply and subsequent installation of the system. Powerful software packages helps generate high quality drawings. Which more often than not, are used as the base for preparation of co-ordinate drawings of other agencies.

Airtech believes that people are the most valuable asset of an organization. Our people are our core strength. Airtech is an equal opportunity employer and have the right blend of people converging, blending and working together in our organization, to form an excellent team of competent professionals. Airtech believes in contemporary people management practices by hiring the right people, creating a delightful atmosphere at work place and ensuring a growth path for all our performers.

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